Dollar Drink Days Demo is Dumb.


To promote its Dollar Drink Days, McDonald’s in Canada created this frozen golden arches out of 4,000 one-dollar coins. People were encouraged to ice pick out a coin.

What an absolute waste. Could you make it more difficult for people to get a free drink? And for what? What was the purpose of giving a bunch of people pointy pieces of metal so they could waste their time hacking away for a free $1. And how do you know they even used the coins to buy your free drinks? I’ll bet you most people just pocketed the change.

2 Responses to “Dollar Drink Days Demo is Dumb.”

  1. As a wardrobe stylist, i always look at the clothes to see if they support the concept….I had a little trouble with the “Cooling off” aspect because so many of the “Real people” were wearing sweatshirts……cool day, cold drink, not feeling it. Cold day, free money; I’m in!

  2. 2 dognpony

    That’s funny. Great catch – I didn’t even notice it. Although now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s totally true. Everyone’s wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

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