Why people hate headhunters.


I’ll start this with a caveat – I actually know quite a few very good recruiters. They’re smart. They know what I’m interested in because they ask. And they don’t spam me with jobs that have nothing to do with my career.

But I also recently had a recruiter tell me about a Creative Director job, schedule an appointment where I had to leave work early, make me wait outside in the rain because her office door was locked, and then hand me a job description for… the job I had just quit. The exact same job. Seriously? You didn’t even take the time to read my resume and notice that my most recent job was – THAT JOB?

And then today, I get this wonderful spam from another recruiter who I’ll spare the embarrassment of naming, asking “If you’d like to be considered for one of the positions” – seemingly not realizing that I don’t do ANY of the 15 positions she just shotgunned my way.

I wonder if these recruiters realize the damage they’re doing to their professional reputation by being so lazy they can’t even bother to check if what they’re sending applies to me? It makes me thankful that I do know good people who have helped me find new opportunities – and if you need a name or two, I’m happy to refer them.


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