BK’s new advertising – as bad as their food.


Ugh, BK. You ditched Crispin for THIS? I mean, it’s not offensively bad or anything, it’s just 1) boring and not creative and 2) a lie.

Look, I think we all know how powerful the franchisees are and they wanted to show the product. I can practically hear their feedback now. So I think we could cut you some slack on the fact that this concept-free spot is nothing more than the brief on film.

But I can’t forgive you for LYING to us.

No one – and I repeat, NO ONE – believes your guac is made in a lava bowl or hand salted. And we know your tomatoes aren’t hand cut on a wooden chopping board. In fact, nothing about this spot has any basis in reality for how your burgers are made. It’s one 30-second lie.

Don’t bullshit us – because all that says to us as customers is that you think we’re stupid.

2 Responses to “BK’s new advertising – as bad as their food.”

  1. 1 MBAsshole

    The problem is that BK assumes that McD’s product based creative is reason they are pulling further ahead. But I think it’s because McD’s strategy had been better (moving into premium coffee drinks, etc).

    Fix your product/business plan before you fix your advertising.

  2. 2 Sean Finney

    there’s a touch of concept: the flaming logo, then all of these ingredients coming out of the darkness into the light. At least it has a look.

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