Here’s to the crazy ones.


In light of Steve Jobs’ sudden retirement as Apple CEO, I thought I’d remind myself, and everyone else, that this spot is one of my favorite of all time.

Not many people remember that when this campaign launched, Apple was in serious jeopardy of going out of business. Their stock hovered around $12 and no one really knew if they’d survive. But in the face of all that, TBWA Chiat Day and Jobs launched a bold, daring, iconic campaign that signaled the turn around of Apple.

There is not a single word, clip, edit, note, graphic or voice in this spot that isn’t pure perfection. I’ve seen this commercial literally hundreds of times and every single viewing gives me goose bumps.

One Response to “Here’s to the crazy ones.”

  1. And for those who didn’t recognize his voice, that’s Richard Dreyfuss doing the voice over. A voice that couldn’t be more perfect.

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