Hands down, the single worst commercial I’ve seen this year.


I am honestly shocked that multiple people watched this thing and said “Yeah, this is great. Let’s run it.” Holy shit is this terrible. Embarrassingly terrible.


2 Responses to “Hands down, the single worst commercial I’ve seen this year.”

  1. If I were a hamster I might buy KIA. But since I’m not, I will simply thank my lucky stars.

    The first hamster commercial was better than okay to watch, although I can’t see it doing much for the brand or sales. I suppose they’ve done their due diligence and discovered that KIA buyers are both into hamsters and old school pop lock dancing. Come to think of it doesn’t MC Hammer drive a KIA? Maybe not.

  2. I can see that they are either trying to appeal to parents with small children, who might see the hamsters and be excited about the car, thus getting their parents excited about the car.

    Or maybe they are trying to appeal to the generation that grew up with the hamster dance….

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