The sad state of digital from a lot of agencies.


Having worked in digital for the last 7 years, I always find it hard to believe that some unnamed-but-very-famous agencies don’t know anything about online. Oh, I hear the stories about digital creatives being second class citizens or shops that think digital means a banner campaign – but I never really believe them.

And then I see something like this Viagra commercial. For a pharmaceutical that needs to communicate a ton of legal and medical information to prospective users, the web is the perfect answer. Yet this spot actually tells people to refer to their ad in Golf Magazine. Golf Magazine??? Seriously? There’s not a URL or even a voice over directing people to the web.

Such a huge missed opportunity. And proof that many agencies still don’t get (or care about) even the most basic digital principles.


One Response to “The sad state of digital from a lot of agencies.”

  1. Most Pharma ads these days refer you to their print ad in some magazine (usually in small white type halfway through the spot. It’s actually become a game between my girlfriend and me to try to guess which magazine they’ll mention. The ads are usually four pages long.

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