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I’ve ranted before about the misuse of QR codes, but this takes the cake: a QR code on a website. BONUS!: It takes you to a Flash website that doesn’t play on an iPhone. Advertisements

Looking for a great gift for your girlfriend/wife/mother and want to do some good in the process? This Saturday, December 3 from 5:30 until 8:30 at the Amelie Wine Bar you can attend a trunk show of Robyn Rhodes and haveĀ a portion of the proceeds from each sale go to the American Foundation for Suicide […]

We shop at places we like. So I love seeing the strategy behind this spot for Macy’s – it ties them to Christmas in a way that Saks or Target or any other retailer can’t. And yes, the tie is 100% manufactured, but the nostalgia they pull from comes from a place that doesn’t completely […]

This was the page takeover on SF Gate yesterday. (It may still be up.) Talk about annoying. I come to this site to read the news, not to have the news blocked by a lame ad with a close X so hidden that I get actively pissed off. Toyota Dealers, if you’re reading this, I […]

This is really, really cool. Aaron Hobson is finding these incredible shots via Google Street View. That’s it. Who knew that an automatic camera on top of a car could take shots like this? See all of them here.

George Lucas has been selling out left and right, but leave it to Japan to really put that sell out to use in a crazy-ass way. Boil Japan?

Dear ad agencies, Don’t you know these in-house video things NEVER turn out well? They’re always horrible, unfunny turds left to stink up YouTube. No, it’s not as bad as the debacle, but seriously, when is this going to stop? Creative directors – if one of your teams comes to you with “Hey, let’s […]