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How is it that a band can consistently come up with more totally unique and innovative uses for technology than all the digital ad agencies out there combined? Sure, there’s the regular video below, but you can also try the interactive version. With the latter, you actually dance in front of your webcam and you […]

Telling young people (God I feel old saying that) they need to wear condoms is a tall order. But leave it to MTV to get their message across in an entertaining, funny, memorable way. Will it work? Who knows. Will it work better than a preachy, too-serious PSA? Absolutely.

Years ago, I did a spot for Stri-Dex body wash and the casting call involved watching lots of 20-something models in bikinis pretend to shower. What made it all the more entertaining was that of the girls the talent agency ┬ásent, about a half dozen of them were former Playboy Playmates. But despite that fun […]

While it’s not exactly widely known, it’s also no secret that I’ve been writing the Twitter stream for the @pepperspraycop meme. It’s been an awesome exercise in copywriting. I equate it to writing 300 headlines in 3 weeks for the same product. Now that I’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it is to keep a spoof […]

There’s part of me that says these year-end montages are too easy to do. But then again, everyone (including me) loves watching them.

They could have used this minute to tell us what they have to offer for the holidays. Or what kind of great deals they have. Or remind us that you might be able to do all your holiday shopping in one place. They could have even reminded us that in these tough economic times, your […]

I’m not a video game player. I’m not a fan of video games in general. And I haven’t really been wowed by any video game advertising. Sure, some of the Gears of War or Halo commercials are beautiful, but they never really connected with me because I didn’t get into the games. But this… Fuck. […]