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Social media is kind of the wild west these days. Many brands are running around with no plan, no thought into what they’re currently doing and no idea if what they’re doing is getting any results. So it’s no surprise when companies are getting caught doing stuff like this. I’m sure it sounded like a […]

Don’t people know they’re going to get caught? Apparently the Costa Brava Pyrenees Tourism authority in Spain don’t think so. They were caught yesterday using a photo of an Australian beach in their tourism ad for Spain. (See above. The Aussie photo is on the left.) But wait. There’s more. Not only did they get caught […]

Ok, this is the kind of shit that pisses me off. If you haven’t heard about the recent Doug Jaeger/Poster Boy/MOMA fiasco, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Jaeger designed a campaign that reproduced MOMA works of art as subway posters. Then, for some unknown reason and without the client’s knowledge, he hired anti-advertising collective Poster Boy […]

From the “Great Minds Think Sorta Alike” category comes these two ads, one from Whybin\TBWA Sydney for Australia’s ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse) and the other for the Weingart Homeless Center created by David & Goliath. Both ideas use the concept of putting yourself in the place of child abuse/homelessness. The former is a print ad and […]