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On my 4-year-old daughter’s alphabet iPad app came this gem of a banner ad. Methinks you need to rework your targeting just a touch.

Hmm… no one’s showing up to our bake sale. I can’t imagine why? We have all these delicious brownies and cookies. Via.


Here are excerpts of job descriptions I’ve seen recently: “Creative Director should have at least 5 years experience…” “Wanted: Associate Creative Director with 3-4 years experience…” “Hiring Creative Director. Have 5+ years working on brands…” And we wonder why creative is so universally poor these days? Five years of experience should barely be a mid-level […]

I’ll start this with a caveat – I actually know quite a few very good recruiters. They’re smart. They know what I’m interested in because they ask. And they don’t spam me with jobs that have nothing to do with my career. But I also recently had a recruiter tell me about a Creative Director […]

Just sit back and enjoy this gem. You’re welcome.

Probably not a key selling point if you ask me. Via.