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The San Francisco Egotist came across this very cool agency site for Grip Limited. The nav is unlike anything I’ve every seen before and while the site is jam packed full of content, it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. In fact, it’s so well designed that all those little nuggets of information make me want […]

If I asked people to name the top 20 most creative agencies in the world right now, you’d expect the Goodbys, Cripsins and Wiedens. It’s too bad most people wouldn’t include Rethink from Vancouver, BC. If I didn’t know they were for real, I’d look at their work and think – that’s all too crazy […]

This cracks me up. Australian agency Happy Soldiers decided to mock all the buzzwords on ad agency websites by showing just how over used engaging 360-degree solutions on the brandscape are. (Did I just say that?) Anyway, a great, funny idea that shows Happy Soldiers is really thinking outside the box. (Crap, I did it […]

Between 17 years of full-time and freelance work, I’ve seen the inner workings of more agencies than I can remember – and they’ve all been different. It’s fascinating to see how each agency approaches their work and job duties. And from each of them, I’ve tried to take mental notes of what worked, what didn’t […]

I’ve done my share of crystal ball gazing on the future of advertising. And certainly everyone and their advertising grandma has an opinion on it. But Bud Caddell, Senior Strategist for digital think tank Undercurrent has one of the most thoughtful posts on the subject I’ve read in a long, long time. He’s done his […]

If you’re not familiar with Rethink, you should be. They are a truly kick-ass agency in Vancouver, Canada that do some really amazing work. If you have a free three hours, it’ll take you that long to see all the cool stuff on their site. One of the great things they do is a Rethink […]

I promise this is my last “2010” post, but it must be done. We’ve heard all the predictions about the year to come. I even did one about what won’t happen (see below). But this post is about what agencies are already doing that need to stop. I beg you. 1. No more CG babies […]