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Finally! Scam Creative Director Rodolfo Sampaio of scam Brazilian agency Moma Propaganda has had his fraudulently obtained Cannes Lions revoked for the Silver-winning scam pedophilia-themed Kia ad. Of course Cannes wussed out and only banned all the creatives listed on the entry for 1-year. They should have banned them for 5 years. Or maybe forever. But […]

Ok Cannes – it’s time to step up and ban this guy like you promised. Douchebag and scam artist extraordinaire Rodolfo Sampaio, Chief Creative Officer for Moma Propaganda in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been caught yet again entering a fake ad in an award show. If the name sounds familiar, Rodolfo was the lowlife who caused […]

Dear Addys, I saw your list of categories for this year’s awards and frankly, I was appalled. No social media category within Interactive Media? Banner campaigns lumped in with screensavers? (Screensavers? Really?) You sure you don’t have a category for “Best Program Created in MS DOS”? You have six sub-categories under “Newspaper” but only five […]



I’m shocked! SHOCKED, I tell ya – that someone got caught for cheating at Cannes. Actually, what I’m more shocked about is that Cannes actually caught someone cheating. But Ogilvy Mexico got their hand slapped (and their Grand Prix-winning entry disqualified) when someone realized this Mattel Scrabble ad had been entered previously. (And from the […]

This news made me sad. From the real time blogging at Cannes: “No work was submitted for Budweiser’s “Real Men of Genius,” from DDB Chicago, which is perhaps Radio’s most awarded campaign ever.” In memory of the greatest radio campaign in history, I’m going to pour out a little Bud Lite in the dirt […]

I just won the SF Weekly Web Award for Best Personal Blog. Can’t thank my readers enough for the nominations and for the SF Weekly judges for choosing this thing I started just over a year ago. For those of you in SF, they’re having an awards party tonight (Wednesday) at 111 Minna from 5-9. […]

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I know this is a long-shot, but hey, a couple of 5-seeds made the NCAA Final Four, so I’m going for it. The SF Weekly is holding its 2010 Web Awards and I’m campaigning for all the Dog & Pony Show readers to vote for me – SF’s Best Personal Blog is probably the most […]