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Apparently, when the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending knee injury, someone at the NFL decided it was the perfect opportunity to promote their fantasy football game. Very nice, NFL. The banner was taken down after about an hour, but hey, this is the internet. Nothing really gets taken down. Via.

Mental note: Don’t let my daughter surf the Spongebob website until they fix their ad targeting. Via.

I’ve posted before about the ridiculous online ads for the Evony role playing game. You know the ones – giant tits with nothing whatsoever having to do with the game? Well, apparently that’s over. Maybe. The game’s creators told Kotaku: “Moving forward – based on community feedback as well as an in-depth look at advertising […]

Ouch. This is just wrong. Very wrong. Via.

When Republicans turn on each other, you have to just laugh. JD Hayworth is the right wing challenger to John McCain and he’s obviously not letting any decorum (or Avatar copyrights) get in the way of his online ad campaign. I’m guessing McCain is hoping he does better than Avatar did at the Oscars.

I bet Chris Brown can. Via.

Augmented reality is obviously just in its infancy and creatives are playing around with it in tons of applications – which is a good thing. But leave it to Crispin and BK to make it slightly less of a gimmick. This BK banner has you hold up a dollar bill to your webcam, and then […]