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I’ve always wondered who clicks on banner ads. If I click on one a year, I’d be surprised. Obviously someone does, though the meager click rates most banners see says there’s definitely something wrong with banner ads in general. And now a new study from Dynamic Logic claims to know what it is: the creative. […]

So simple.


I can’t read Spanish, so I don’t know what the copy for this banner ad says. I’ll happily post any translations from Dog & Pony readers. But luckily, the banner is so good and the idea so simple, all you need to know is that it’s for a blood bank. Very simple. Very nicely done. […]

If digital advertising is the next big thing and it’s going to change everything, then why are most agencies still doing crappy banner ads? They’re an afterthought for most campaigns – creatives try to squeeze their print ad into 468 x 60 and call it a day. But the beauty with banner ads is that […]