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Via The End Days of Advertising blog… Day 6: Working late Sunday night, awkwardly dysfunctional Copywriter-AD team finally (and accidentally) conceives something with “legs” (or at least, something that will start to develop them in about 8 weeks).

I don’t drink coffee. Never have. Can’t stand the stuff. But the Starbucks baristas who misspell people’s names on their coffee cups is such a cultural thing, I’ve heard all about it multiple times. Enter the Starbucks Spelling blog. It’d be funny for Starbucks to jump on this and incorporate it into their marketing – […]

Warning: You can’t unsee this.

He’s funny, because it’s true. This blog made me laugh.

I just won the SF Weekly Web Award for Best Personal Blog. Can’t thank my readers enough for the nominations and for the SF Weekly judges for choosing this thing I started just over a year ago. For those of you in SF, they’re having an awards party tonight (Wednesday) at 111 Minna from 5-9. […]

Vote for me!


I know this is a long-shot, but hey, a couple of 5-seeds made the NCAA Final Four, so I’m going for it. The SF Weekly is holding its 2010 Web Awards and I’m campaigning for all the Dog & Pony Show readers to vote for me – SF’s Best Personal Blog is probably the most […]

My first job out of college was at an agency in Boise, Idaho. Yes, Boise. All my friends were going to bigger name agencies and working for free while getting coffee or writing BRC copy, while I was producing radio spots the very first week I showed up, and TV within a month. Sure, it […]