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Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo. Just mention Leica to them and watch their eyes go all dreamy. I have to admit, the photographer in me watched this video and suddenly had the urge to go buy camera equipment.

So I just got back from a week-long Disney cruise to Alaska. Before I went, I wasn’t sure if I was the cruise type and I really wasn’t sure if I was the Disney cruise type. But I have to admit, I had a really good time. Disney doesn’t do anything halfway, so everything from […]

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This made my day. It’s a site called Letterheady and it’s a collection of vintage letterhead from every imaginable source – businesses, movies, celebrities – you name it and you can find it here. This stuff is so beautiful and so fantastic, it makes me want to write a real letter again. (Think about it […]

Harley Davidson, Mary Kay, Lipton Tea – the brands are iconic, but would you know the faces that started them? Take a guess at this picture. If you couldn’t pick out Manolo Blahnik is a crowd, this Life Magazine pictorial is for you. It has 33 not-so-classic faces behind 33 classic brands and not only […]

I love when an agency takes a big, boring, old brand and turns it into something better. I’ve worked on enough big brands to know that feat is like the Titanic trying to nimbly maneuver around an iceberg. That’s why I love W+K’s Old Spice work. Not only does this stuff crack me up, there’s […]

After 29 years, MTV has finally dropped “Music Television” from their redesigned logo. I’m glad they did this so soon. Because, you know, it’d be terrible for a brand that defined my generation to become the butt of comedians’ jokes about how they haven’t shown actual videos for a decade. Via.