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Look, we all know this isn’t really “Steve” or “Sarah.” And we know this isn’t how they really act over getting a tax refund. Or how they act… ever. So if you’re going to try and entertain us with a fake story about fake actors doing ridiculously fake things, it better be funny. This isn’t.

I love everything about this ESPN spot. They’ve been running this campaign for years and it’s great to see how continually fresh they can make it. It just goes to show that if you have a great idea, you can do executions forever. I saw this spot about 50 times during the college bowl season […]

I haven’t been a huge fan of these pistachio ads, although some are funnier than others. But I have to give them credit for jumping on the cultural bandwagon and not jumping off.

Apparently British Airways is investing $8 billion to improve literally every aspect of their flight experience. And if this commercial to kick off that program is any indication, they should do pretty well. I’m a sucker for well-done anthemic spots like this. It’s some really beautiful film and the writing’s great. The only thing I […]

I’m jealous.


So creative and imaginative. So well done. Kudos to W+K, Psyops and Human for keeping this campaign awesome.

And they just keep getting better and better. The copywriting is genius. The acting is top notch. This is a campaign I wish I had done.

In light of Steve Jobs’ sudden retirement as Apple CEO, I thought I’d remind myself, and everyone else, that this spot is one of my favorite of all time. Not many people remember that when this campaign launched, Apple was in serious jeopardy of going out of business. Their stock hovered around $12 and no […]