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Love the Giants. Love Brian Wilson. Love ESPN. Love W+K. Love this spot. But Brian, there’s a thing called over exposure. Just back off a little. I want your quirkiness to be something cool and unexpected, not tired and repetitive.

Did every creative team on the planet rush out after seeing The Hangover and write spots with Ken Jeong in them? I mean, Adidas, that’s one thing. They play on the hip and cool. But Pepto-Bismol? Really? Sure, he’s a funny guy – but this spot just reeks of mid-level creatives who are doing only […]

Nerd Baseball


Ok, this made my week. Nerd Baseball is a site filled with nerds who played baseball – shocker, I know. And you wonder why these guys never get any endorsement deals… Via

Admit it. You’ve always secretly wanted Carmen Electra to wish you a happy birthday. Ok, maybe not. But if so, your wish is about to come true. For $3, a start-up called Cameo Stars will sell you a video of celebrities like Carmen, Drew Brees, Tony Romo and Reggie Bush, holding a piece of birthday […]

I already hate Tim Tebow. Tim, we know you’re a Christian and you love God. We’ve seen a million fluff pieces about how you help your missionary parents shove their religion down other people’s throats. And now you’re going to go on TV¬†during the Super Bowl for a homophobic, extreme right wing group like Focus […]

Well that didn’t take long. Consulting firm Accenture decided on Sunday that their spokesperson, Tiger Woods, no longer matched their company values of integrity and high performance.¬†“After careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising,” Accenture said in a statement. Wait, you mean Accenture […]

While Accenture became the first client to drop Tiger Woods, don’t expect a huge rush by advertisers to kick him to the curb permanently. If Nike didn’t drop Kobe Bryant, they certainly aren’t going to ditch Tiger. Gatorade discontinued a Tiger-themed sports drink, but claims it was in the works long before the accident that […]

I can see the brief now. “We’re paying both Michael Phelps and Jared a ton of money as spokespeople, so figure out how to use them.” Not a prime opportunity for creativity. But couldn’t they have come up with something resembling a concept? “You can always be yourself at Subway”? Seriously? What kind of pablum […]