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Here are excerpts of job descriptions I’ve seen recently: “Creative Director should have at least 5 years experience…” “Wanted: Associate Creative Director with 3-4 years experience…” “Hiring Creative Director. Have 5+ years working on brands…” And we wonder why creative is so universally poor these days? Five years of experience should barely be a mid-level […]

Apparently sarcasm boosts creativity. If that’s really true however, my creative teams should be the most creative people on the planet.

SID LEE COLLECTIVE | Boot camp 2011 from sidlee on Vimeo. Here’s an interesting video by Sid Lee about how you build a culture that people want to be a part of. I find a lot of agencies are content to let their culture build itself – they’ve got no vision as to what they’re […]

“Fish where the fish are.” – it’s a basic maxim of advertising that makes more sense than just about other piece of industry advice I’ve heard. So it makes me shake my head with all these agencies that are trying to sell clients on “the next big thing” in technology. I’m not sure what they’re […]

Ok Cannes – it’s time to step up and ban this guy like you promised. Douchebag and scam artist extraordinaire Rodolfo Sampaio, Chief Creative Officer for Moma Propaganda in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been caught yet again entering a fake ad in an award show. If the name sounds familiar, Rodolfo was the lowlife who caused […]

I saw this quote this weekend, and while it had nothing to do with advertising, in my experience, it has everything to do with advertising. If you work for an agency started by creative people, you’re more than likely golden. If it’s started by account folks, you’re also doing pretty well. If it’s run by […]

I read with amusement this article on Slate entitled “Has Facebook Peaked?” It’s the same theme that a ton of media outlets have been running ever since Facebook announced that growth was slowing and the number of active users in America actually declined by 6 million last month. (An active user is defined as one […]