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I’ll start this off by saying that it must be tough to advertise for toilet paper. But shit, this is HORRIBLE. The acting is so fake and unbelievable that it ruins the already terrible concept. No one, and I mean NO ONE get that smiley/happy over talking about changing their toilet paper. And really, who’s […]

Can someone tell me when a pot-smoking, gangsta-rapping, former Crip became an acceptable spokesman for a mainstream cola? And if you can, then maybe you can tell me what he has to do with anything in this concept? This seems like one of those ideas where you could insert whichever musician Pepsi could get under […]

An amazing concept. A heartbreaking result. Via.

I have a special place in my heart for people who take what could have easily been a boring assignment and turn it into something incredible. And this one is even better, because it was the client who requested something they’ve never seen before. So Euro RSCG Dusseldorf created a calendar for STIHL Leaf Blowers. […]

I love this story via The Denver Egoist because you know the client went to Heckler and Associates in Seattle and said “Hey, we need to sell more chowder. Can you do a print ad for us?” – and then this is what the agency came back with. Here’s how it all went down: Ivar’s […]

First off, I’ll admit these spots from David & Goliath made me laugh. Out loud. I can’t even tell you why. The Bears vs Cheese Heads is funny. The Eagles vs. Giants is too. And the Patriots vs. Dolphins cracked me up. But can anyone tell me what the hell they have to do with […]

How to present.


In advertising, we come up with lots of great ideas. But if we can’t sell those ideas to our clients, they’re worthless. So if the concept presentation is the single make-or-break point for what we do, why do we place so little emphasis on it? I mean, think about it – how do you present […]