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A new Platform.


Leave it to W+K to come up with an awesome way to farm talent from both the advertising and non-advertising world. Platform launched on Saturday and is their way to “search for the best and as yet undiscovered, creative minds from the worlds of arts, sciences and technology from around the globe.” From the Platform […]

Ah, the fun and games that ensue when you offer control of your brand to consumers. Case in point: Nebraska. The Cornhusker state received four submissions for their new license plate and the Governor thought it’d be a good idea to have a contest to choose the winner. The problem is, all the designs sucked […]

In my opinion, user-generated advertising contests usually prove the point that advertising is a specialty and regular people should not attempt it at home. So here comes California Senator Barbara Boxer, who decided to hold a contest where supporters could submit a poster design for her. She was even going to let everyone vote on […]

Dead Radio.


I never understood why some copywriters don’t like to write radio – and I’ve met a lot of them. For me, it’s my absolutely favorite thing to write. I can do pretty much anything I want (since I’m not working with an AD on it), unlike TV I can still do almost anything even with […]