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I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer. Via.

Or maybe someone might want to rethink this visual/headline combo.

Um… you might want to reread that. I’m just sayin’. Via.

I ♥ this.


Christmas can’t come soon enough. Via.

Just don’t eat the bean dip. We’re warning you. Via.

Ya don’t say?


Knowing Ikea’s history of funny, witty advertising, you know this was done on purpose. And it’s those little things that just make me like them all the more. Kudos to the copywriter who went the extra mile – even on something as basic as signage for a hot dog. God is in the details.

I don’t see this too often from copywriters anymore, but I still see it all the time from clients, account people and friends – two spaces after a period. Let’s just cut to the chase: it’s wrong. Don’t do it. Slate has an interesting article on why. (Well, interesting to students of writing and writing geeks […]