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Woot is known for the crazy amount of creative writing it does for each one of its daily sale products. But it warms my heart to see that the CEO of Woot is just as good a writer as all his employees. Check out this email he sent to the company yesterday when they were […]

For nearly every creative I know, emails are an afterthought. They’re not fun. They’re usually just bad executions of some larger campaign. And no one really wants to do them. But Pmweb in Brazil certainly does. And they rocked it. Check out what they did for their water park client below. Finaly – email done […]

Check out this email I got the other day from Christmas Central. Not exactly what you’d expect from that brand. I realize they have to make money during the non-holiday season, but why would you build your brand around the happiest, most family-friendly, most-traditional of holidays… and then destroy that brand by selling – and […]

AE: “We’re doing an email. Our target audience is men and women 24-46 who frequent Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. The key message is ‘come have sex in our bathrooms.’ We’ll need concepts by the 20th and first round…” Creatives: “Wait, wait, wait…what was that?” AE: “We need concepts by the 20th. That’s plenty of time.” Creatives: […]

I have friends who work on PayPal advertising, and God I hope they didn’t do this email, because I don’t want to be mean. But really, WTF? It’s either meant as a juvenile sexual innuendo or a terrible pun about the diamond he’s putting on her. Or both. And none of those three options is […]

“Dear Matthew, Congratulations! You have currently earned 0 Viking Rewards points. Discover the ultimate reward as you continue earning points for savings on Viking major appliances with every cooking class purchase.” Wow. If they’re congratulating me for doing nothing, I can’t wait to see what happens when I get one point. Methinks Viking needs to […]



Back in my younger, slightly less professional days, I worked on a crappy client who forced us to use a D-list celebrity as a spokesperson. This pseudo-celeb had final say on all our scripts and inevitably he’d fax us back “approved” scripts that were horribly re-written. There was only one production company in town who’d […]