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Looking for a great gift for your girlfriend/wife/mother and want to do some good in the process? This Saturday, December 3 from 5:30 until 8:30 at the Amelie Wine Bar you can attend a trunk show of Robyn Rhodes and haveĀ a portion of the proceeds from each sale go to the American Foundation for Suicide […]

Yes, the idea is the most important thing, but you could have the world’s greatest idea and not have budget like this to produce it perfectly. I’m not kidding when I guarantee you that this single event had a production budget larger than all the national commercials I’ve ever done put together. But MAN, was […]

Apparently people are pissed off that some health clinic in Estonia decided to dress a fat girl up as a “before” and a skinny girl as an “after” and have them both hand out fliers for its weight-loss program at events. I’m not sure I understand why. This is a memorable stunt that’ll get people […]

Here’s a very cool idea I hope you all participate in. It happens this Friday when people around the world take back their streets and turn parking spaces into mini-parks. Last year, 700 parks were set up in 140 cities across the globe and as you’ll see in the video, “park” is described a little […]

Not exactly sure what this Italian awareness campaign for STD protection is trying to say by creating giant condoms and getting people to walk inside. That we’re all sperm? That one of us is a walking STD? Or that maybe by cramming 230 college kids into a huge condom, some of them are bound to […]

This is… well… I’m not sure what to say about this other than it’s embarrassingly bad and it’s by Buick. I guess it’s supposed to be an attempt to be hip by creating a flash mob. Except it’s not – a flash mob or hip. Flash mobs are supposed to be surprising. But how can […]

A Burger King restaurant made of sand? It sounds very CP+B-like, but it’s actually the work of the Cow Agency in the city of Weston-super-Mare, a seaside resort in England. The restaurant, made with 100 tons of sand is dedicated to serving BK Fusions Mint Choc Swirl to customers during the summer. And while I […]