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DDB Brazil, take note. If you really want to help the WWF and bring attention to its plight, maybe instead of creating fake ads that piss everyone off and ruin your career you should try something like the WWF did in Germany. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo (oh the irony) created 1,000 human-shaped ice sculptures and […]

If you’re in advertising and unemployed (or might be unemployed soon) and you don’t yet know about Please Feed the Animals, you should. Erik Proulx’s site has caught the industry’s attention and he’s been doing great things to help ad folks in this crappy economy. I interviewed him for this site a while back, and […]

When I think of advertising, I have to go a ways down the list to get to storefront signage. Of course it’s advertising, but because it’s not something we get to effect all that often, we tend to forget about it as a medium. However artist Steve Lambert didn’t. And his new show in LA, […]