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These sorta seem like award show fodder to me, since how many optometrists can really afford a multi-execution TV campaign – even one as simple as this? And would the “Mannequin” spot really ever run on TV? Um… no.

Not like we didn’t know this already but when you put them all side-by-side, it’s pretty shocking. Via.

Up for a good laugh? The corn industry, in a sickening attempt to get you to eat more high fructose corn syrup, is changing the name of its product to “corn sugar.” Since being linked to obesity, Americans are consuming the nutritionally-worthless sweetener at a 20-year low. But hey, a massive obesity and health problem […]

The ad blogs are blowing up over the latest, sickening use of 9/11 in an ad (coincidentally timed, I’m sure.) But I’d guess it’s another scam job from Saatchi & Saatchi France. Why? Well, first off, why would a French ad from a French agency for a French newspaper be written in English? Secondly, the ad […]

Not sure if this is better or worse than last week’s Friday FAIL: Sale. Via.

We all knew the second this letter from a supposed auto parts buyer came out that it was fake. No one writes a real missive like this to “All of Advertising and Marketing.” But here’s the catch: It doesn’t matter that it’s not real. It’s still true. Our clients are really into their products. And […]

Day jobs


This is cool: Fernando Reza’s “Day Jobs” poster features “the hard working men and women who keep our beloved fictional companies going.” Printed on Rolodex-ready business card stock. Extremely limited run of 20 S+N 11” x 17” prints are available here for $25. Via.