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From the start I knew there had to be a twist to this, I just didn’t know what was coming. Really funny idea for what most creatives would consider an incredibly boring product. It just goes to show that you can do good work for any client. Advertisements

Here’s an interesting experiment. For Arlynn Presser‘s new year’s resolution she decided to visit all 325 of her Facebook friends. The trick is, she suffers from agrophobia, which made the task just a tad bit more difficult. Arlynn chronicled everything on her blog and is also making a documentary about her adventure. Via

Now this is really clever. It’s shot in an interesting way. The weird actions of the thief grab and keep your attention. And then the payoff at the end is a good laugh coupled with the product benefit. This is my favorite spot so far in 2012.

I love everything about this ESPN spot. They’ve been running this campaign for years and it’s great to see how continually fresh they can make it. It just goes to show that if you have a great idea, you can do executions forever. I saw this spot about 50 times during the college bowl season […]

So true. This is one that’s played out.

By today’s standards, this Lego ad from 1981 is considered long copy. And it’d probably get knocked for not being exciting enough or some such ridiculousness.

While I watched my Ducks win an amazing victory over the Wisconsin Badgers in this year’s Rose Bowl, I wondered how many high school football players are watching the game and thinking, “DAMN those uniforms are cool! I want to go THERE!” Even if it sways one or two players a year, that’s an advantage […]