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When I was the Creative Director at the environmental ad agency Saatchi S, we discussed creating our own version of that “Save a tree. don’t print unless necessary.” footer that we’ve all seen at the bottom of documents and emails. It was one of those internal projects that always got pushed aside. But if we […]

Go beyond oil.


I’m really liking the animation of this “Go Beyond Oil” video from Greenpeace. It’s also appropriately informational without dumbing down the content to be meaningless. Let’s hope this gets some traction and people learn a little something from it.

If there is any doubt that creativity can change the world, check this out. Replenish Cleaning Products took a completely new look at sustainable ways to package their products and ended up with a truly creative solution – they took out the water. Now, instead of using energy to ship something that was 99% water […]

I was the Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi S – an agency that specialized in “green” marketing, so I’m definitely on board with fighting global warming and creating responsible advertising. But this spot by Greenpeace that rails on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is so poorly done on so many levels, I can’t get behind […]

Here’s a very cool idea I hope you all participate in. It happens this Friday when people around the world take back their streets and turn parking spaces into mini-parks. Last year, 700 parks were set up in 140 cities across the globe and as you’ll see in the video, “park” is described a little […]

When I was the creative director at sustainability agency Saatchi S, we frequently ranted about greenwashing – the practice of making your product look like it was good for the environment when it really wasn’t. Well, TerraChoice Environmental Marketing has done one better – this great site touting The Seven Sins of Greenwashing. The site […]

In the rush to label everything possible as “green,” companies have overused to death the actual color green. If I had a dime for every time I saw a leaf tacked onto some sustainable product, I’d have enough money to save all the drowning polar bears or something. But here’s some irony for you: Using […]