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About a year ago, I wrote a post about the future of advertising. The general premise was that with all the smart, creative people working in agencies, it made a ton of sense for them to go around the middleman (the client) and start producing direct-to-consumer products of their own. By transitioning some of their […]

21 months. 2000 ideas. More than 40 prototypes. All to come up with a shoebox that wasn’t a shoebox. And in the process, Puma learned they could reduce their cardboard use by 65%, save 8500 tons of tissue paper, 20 million megajoules of electricity and 1 million liters of water plus reduce their CO2 output […]

We’ve seen: stop destroying the Earth; stop killing polar bears; save the whales; save it for your children; the earth deserves better; the globe is warming; and about 10,000 other ways to get across the message about helping the planet. But I’ve never seen it messages like this. Um… yeah. I guess that’s one way […]

By now, we all know bottled water is evil – resources, waste, all that bad stuff. But now Annie Leonard (who did the wonderful “Story of Stuff” video) is back with “The Story of Bottled Water.” She’s got a knack for making something truly fun out of subjects that could be deathly boring – and […]

Interesting Greenpeace airport campaign running in Copenhagen for the Climate Summit on December 7th. They took photos of world leaders, aged them to the year 2020, and had them apologize for not doing enough to stop global warming. Definitely a different tact than the sky-is-falling (or polar bears as the case may be) work you […]

I’m not a fan of super shock commercials to try and get your point across – and holy shit does this spot by Mother, London use shock. It’s for climate change group and actually does an ok job of linking airplane emissions to polar bears. Still, the link is rather tenuous and I walk […]

As Creative Director of sustainability agency Saatchi & Saatchi S, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about how to talk about global warming to people. We took a tact of keeping things positive, making things personal, and walking that fine line of rational facts coupled with emotional arguments. I won’t claim that’s the […]