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Let me guess, the stock boy is a big Nintendo fan. Either that or this is one of the coolest cross-promotions I’ve come across in a while. Via.

Maybe someone should have thought through the shopper marketing experience a little better. Via

Gee, thanks for that completely necessary piece of communication. Via.

Ok, this is really great – even if it is a small-scale stunt. People who ordered a Whopper were secretly photographed and had their face printed on the Whopper wrapper before it was served to them. It’s the perfect demonstration of the Whopper benefit – it’s made your way. Very creative stuff.

You think Gatorade is cursing Tiger Woods even more right now? Fake bottles of the sports drink started showing up on Denver store shelves with labels featuring Tiger, wife Elin and the word “Unfaithful.” Turns out it’s the work of some mystery artists who are pulling a stunt. A Denver news station has the details. […]

Here’s as crazy a product display as you’ll see. The Puma Store in London assembled this amazing Ferrari F-1 car using 1,500 t-shirts, 88 pairs of jeans, 20 belts and 26 pairs of shoes and baseball caps. Whoever designed this is a stud. Via.