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There are very few things I hate more than marketing jargon. One of them is when marketing people use that very jargon to try and convince people they know what the hell they’re talking about. This video from PhD is a perfect example. It’s jargon from the first word to the last, full of phrases […]

We’re going to drill down into this manifesto so we can amp up the social graph and inform the search cloud with media agnostic overlays. So you feel like strategizing on an impactful, synergistic 360-degree communication net with some deep-dive brand essence exercises that will create and curate an on-line consumer-centric hub with thought leaders […]

Check out this USA Today article about how in 2010┬áthe next big thing(!) will be marketing products with fewer ingredients. The thought is, people want to know what’s in their food, and when you can show that there’s nothing but “real” stuff used to make it, all is good in the universe. Except making food […]