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GM, what were you thinking? Mocking college students who ride bikes as losers who are laughed at by girls in cars probably isn’t the best way to sell your product. And I guess you figured that out after you were pressured into pulling the ad. It constantly amazes me that 1. there’s an agency out […]

Is the MILF segment really that big? Via.

Unless Mom is your favorite Mexican. Via.

I guess once the Craig’s List adult section closed down, she had to go somewhere. Via

Below is the full text of an ad that the Minnesota Timberwolves took out in the local Star Tribune talking about the team’s plan this year. While they score some points for honesty, it doesn’t do much to actually instill confidence in what is sure to be a crappy team. I can’t decide whether the […]

You work at a job in your hometown. Everyone knows and loves you. But you have a chance to move to an exciting city, pay no state taxes, work with your best friends, and win the most-coveted award in your field. What do you do? You do the exact same thing LeBron did. So for […]

Whoops. At least it’s boatloads of fun! Via.

I mean really, how can you top this for a selling proposition? Via.

If you’re a 12-16 year-old teen age girl and you get arrested, I’ve got the perfect lawyer 4 U. AAR8 it’s btr than ADIH. But ATAB. I’m ROFL. TTYL. (And if you know what all that means, you need serious help.) Via.

I hope none of you fathers out there got this as a gift from your daughter yesterday. Via.