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Greenpeace obviously put a TON of money into this massive production aimed at getting Nike and Adidas to… do what exactly? Something about clean drinking water? I don’t know. There are no details. No specifics. It’s not even clear from the copy whether Nike and Adidas are doing the polluting or other companies that work […]

It could happen. After 24 years of holding the naming rights to the Sacramento Kings arena, ARCO has announced that they’re giving up the name at the end of this year. The Kings will begin an immediate search for a new naming partner. Hey Joe and Gavin, I’ve been a Kings fan since they moved […]

If I had known about this in college, maybe I wouldn’t have gone into advertising. And mom always said watching TV was a waste of time… Via.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about the future of advertising. The general premise was that with all the smart, creative people working in agencies, it made a ton of sense for them to go around the middleman (the client) and start producing direct-to-consumer products of their own. By transitioning some of their […]

Shoot me now.


“Yes, if Pajiba’s sources are correct, a movie based on those E*Trade talking baby commercials is actually being planned.” I will now go shoot myself in the face. Via.

You’ve got to love fanatical consumers. And if the stories and websites that have sprung up around McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes are any indication, the fans are certainly out there. True story: In college, when my best friend was in France on exchange, I spent $80 to send him 4 Shamrock Shakes packed in dry ice […]

It’s so small and insignificant. And 99.9% of people will never think about the design. But really, how often does someone get to redesign a ketchup packet? Apparently once every 40 years. Nice to see they put some real thought into it. “The new design has a base that’s more like a cup for dipping […]