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There is almost nothing that gets me as pissed as hearing about some hack stealing someone else’s work. It’s happened to me twice before and I was livid. So I’m just as livid that David M Dyer, a hack online designer, has stolen a website from a friend of mine (as well as websites from […]

I’ve had it happen twice in my career. An ACD at my agency (who I didn’t even work with) took one of my campaigns (from a client he didn’t even work on) and put it in his book. And then a couple years ago an ex-creative director of mine called me up and said “Didn’t […]

If you’re currently going to school for advertising or you know someone who is, it’s pretty appropriate to be a little scared. With so many talented and more importantly – experienced – people looking for work, it’s going to be really tough to find a job. But really, there are only two things you need […]