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Man, I’m so tired of shockvertising that does nothing to sell the product. You can barely see the product (if at all). The tagline is a complete non-sequitir. And it does absolutely zero to tell me why I should choose Wrangler over any other brand of jeans. In fact, the visuals are disturbing enough that […]

Unless Mom is your favorite Mexican. Via.

I wonder what the headline would have been if they’d won? Weird to think the creative team’s brief probably said “Come up with one ad if they win and one if they lose. Via.

Just look at this awesome, awesome poster series for theĀ 44th Kent State Folk Festival in Kent, Ohio. The headlines are beautifully crafted – smart, funny, and not a single word wasted. And the art direction is so well-thought out. The unplugged electrical cord used as a border is one of those excellent touches that a […]

Somehow, Del Monte used these images to entice people to buy their food. Green Bean Pizzarino? Seriously? It looks like a close up of a carcinoma. Via.

I know you can’t read this ad from the image above, so click here, read it, and hear the truth from a master. As Copyranter says “Young Creatives: put down your f*cking iPhones and learn something.

I guess once the Craig’s List adult section closed down, she had to go somewhere. Via