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Apparently sarcasm boosts creativity. If that’s really true however, my creative teams should be the most creative people on the planet.

This story in Wired is a couple months old, but I was too distracted to post about it until now. Harvard studied a whole bunch of people and found that the most creative people are also the easiest to distract. They’re not able to tune out all the external stimulus around them. All I have […]

Don’t get me wrong, I like Twitter. It’s the primary way most people find and read The Dog & Pony Show. But I certainly don’t think Twitter is the end-all be-all, and in most instances you’d have to seriously convince me that a marketer should be in the space. Twitter certainly has its uses, but […]

Research like this cracks me up. It just proves that consumers are insane. Nielsen asked more than 27,000 people in 52 countries their feelings on paying for various forms of content online. You can read the recap here. Honestly, there’s nothing super surprising in it. But what makes me laugh are nuggets like these: • […] is out with its 200 Best Jobs for 2010. Careers were ranked on factors including pay, growth prospects and working conditions. While most ad jobs weren’t specifically listed, Advertising Account Executive showed up at #105 – slightly ahead of Piano Tuner (#109) and Cashier (#112) and well behind Janitor (#83). No word where Detroit […]

This made me laugh: Gallup is out with a new poll that asked people to rate the “honesty and ethical standards” of people in 22 professions. Just 2% said advertising people were “very high”. (I’m assuming they meant in ethical standards and not just high on bong hits.) Another 9% gave us a “high” ranking. […]

I’ve always wondered who clicks on banner ads. If I click on one a year, I’d be surprised. Obviously someone does, though the meager click rates most banners see says there’s definitely something wrong with banner ads in general. And now a new study from Dynamic Logic claims to know what it is: the creative. […]