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Oh my God! Everyone get ready to freak out! Britney Spears was retouched in a new ad for Candies! Wait… You’re not pissed? Doesn’t everyone freak out any time they find out a model was digitally enhanced in an ad? And it was Britney who personally released the unretouched photos? What the Hell is this […]

Art Director: “See that line in the schedule?” Traffic Person: “The time for retouching?” Art Director: “Yeah.” Traffic Person: “What about it?” Art Director: “I don’t think we’ll need it for this job.” Via.

Doesn’t anyone have any self respect when it comes to their job anymore? I mean hell, it doesn’t take a Zapruder film analyst to see some crazy shit in this Burberry ad. Let’s play a game: can you find what’s wrong? I can spot at least 4 things. (If you want to see a larger […]

Real Housewives “star” (I use that term loosely) and PETA fan Bethany Frankel (obviously pictured right) recently posed for some big billboard in NYC as part of their ongoing “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” campaign. Of course someone asked her if she’d been air brushed, she said no, a bunch of people freaked […]

And you thought the Ralph Lauren retouching was bad… There’s lots more here of actual child photos retouched into alien life forms. Via.

Dear Ralph,


Dear Ralph Lauren, Not that we believed you in the first place, but when we keep seeing pictures like this, it’s getting harder to believe your other Photoshop-emaciated models were an accident. Let’s stop playing this little game, shall we? Thanks. Sincerely, People whose pelvises are wider than our heads. Via.

I have no idea why the U.K. and France are considering requiring disclaimers on all retouched photos in advertising. I mean don’t all women have thighs as big around as their biceps and heads that are wider than the rest of their bodies? Via.