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I can’t really accuse GSN of ripping off the art direction from the Yahoo campaign because that would assume that 1) the Yahoo campaign actually has art direction and 2) that anyone would want to rip off such a soul-crushingly bad concept in the first place. (And for the record, yes, I know the guys […]

Do you remember Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax? It was an early environmental story where the Lorax protects the truffula trees. So it’s the definition of irony that a coal company adopted the name for their business – LoraxAG. Of course morals and legality aren’t high on the list of coal company priorities, so it turns […]

I’ve had it happen twice in my career. An ACD at my agency (who I didn’t even work with) took one of my campaigns (from a client he didn’t even work on) and put it in his book. And then a couple years ago an ex-creative director of mine called me up and said “Didn’t […]

I’ll preface this by saying a really, really, really fucking hate Best Buy. I was in there this weekend to get an HDMI cable for my TV and watched as they sold $99 cables to unsuspecting customers – the exact same cable I turned around and bought on for $6. Yes, $6. Including shipping. […]

When will people learn? You can’t fool the Internet. Someone’s going to find out your dirty tricks and you’re going to look foolish. Although if you’re part of the Health Insurance Industry trying to stop healthcare reform, this probably isn’t the most underhanded thing you’ve ever done. The Business Insider has all the details, but […]

A bunch of blogs have recently posted this awesome commercial from Ireland’s Marriage Equality campaign. It’s a really great concept that hits home at the separate-but-not-equal argument. The problem is, it was done just as well in New York several years ago. Watch the two spots and tell me Ireland’s version isn’t a complete rip […]

You remember DoubleTwist – they’re the company that first pissed Apple off by creating software that allows you to use your iTunes music on any device. (A big Apple no-no.) Then they tweaked them even further by buying ad space for the product on the side of the Apple Store in San Francisco. Apple had […]