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This is… well… I’m not sure what to say about this other than it’s embarrassingly bad and it’s by Buick. I guess it’s supposed to be an attempt to be hip by creating a flash mob. Except it’s not – a flash mob or hip. Flash mobs are supposed to be surprising. But how can […]

Not to make this an all-DDB-Brasil-all-the-time blog, but there’s still plenty of unfinished business in the wake of the WWF/9-11 scandal and subsequent rules changes by the One Show. Specifically, what are the other major award shows going to do to stop it? I’ve been told that Cannes has made (or soon will make)¬†an announcement […]

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Ad award show after ad award show is finding out that large numbers of winning entries never even ran at all. Not that that’s a huge secret. Jackass, cheater creatives have been more concerned with winning some hunk of metal than in actually doing real work for real clients for […]

If you’ve never heard of the satire comic “Get Your War On” there are two ways to do so: 1. You can go to David Rees’ site and see the comic he’s been writing for years. Or… 2. You can see the new Jamba Juice ad on the left that many are calling a rip-off. […]

No one caught this? According to BoingBoing, it’s a scam anyway. But I think the real scam is that a copywriter got paid to write that.

You’ve got to hand it to DRTV products. They’ll do anything to sell you their junk. Be loud and obnoxious, offer you ka-ray-zee deals, guarantee everything – it doesn’t matter. And now we have ShavWet. The fact that the ShavWet site currently only sells $15.95 plastic shaving mirrors (plus a free shower strap and a […]

There’s a fine line and a ton of public debate these days over what constitutes copyright and copyright infringement. And there’s good points on both sides of the argument, of which for space reasons I won’t get into. But when did it become ok for businesses to blatantly rip off other advertisements? I mean, the […]