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I’ve ranted before about the misuse of QR codes, but this takes the cake: a QR code on a website. BONUS!: It takes you to a Flash website that doesn’t play on an iPhone.

On my 4-year-old daughter’s alphabet iPad app came this gem of a banner ad. Methinks you need to rework your targeting just a touch.

Apparently, when the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending knee injury, someone at the NFL decided it was the perfect opportunity to promote their fantasy football game. Very nice, NFL. The banner was taken down after about an hour, but hey, this is the internet. Nothing really gets taken down. Via.

No, I do not want to know what the specials are today. Via.

You just dumped 3,000 liters of chemicals (paint) onto the ground. Then added another 1,000 liters of chemicals (foam) on top of that. All for some stupid stunt that proves what exactly? That you can mow the lawn? What a joke Gillette. It’s not the world’s biggest shave, it’s the world’s biggest screw up.

To be fair – kids love candy. Via.

Wow. Who knew that 4 letters could basically kill your entire business? Via.