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Here’s an interesting experiment. For Arlynn Presser‘s new year’s resolution she decided to visit all 325 of her Facebook friends. The trick is, she suffers from agrophobia, which made the task just a tad bit more difficult. Arlynn chronicled everything on her blog and is also making a documentary about her adventure. Via

Here are the things that stand out to me: Fully half their registered users don’t even log in once a month and 20% of accounts are dead. 5% of users create 75% of the content. And people have invested $1.6 billion into a company that made just $45 million in revenue last year. Can anyone […]

While JCPenney fights off the attacking social media hordes for selling the T-shirt that reads, “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” I’m personally more aghast that anyone would wear such a god-awfully designed shirt in the first place. Jesus, pick a fucking typeface and stick with it…

It’s not that Facebook is an unstoppable force – remember, people thought that about MySpace. But does anyone seriously think Unthink is going to do it with such a horrible, horrible video like this? The actress in it is just so… unlikeable. Via.

In nearly every brainstorm I’ve ever been in for a big, national product, someone says “Let’s do a Time’s Square billboard that’s tied into [fill in your favorite social media here].” And then everybody rolls their eyes, laughs and moves on to the next idea. It’s so overdone and cliché that it’s become a parody. […]

“Fish where the fish are.” – it’s a basic maxim of advertising that makes more sense than just about other piece of industry advice I’ve heard. So it makes me shake my head with all these agencies that are trying to sell clients on “the next big thing” in technology. I’m not sure what they’re […]

The Case Study from The Super Mega Rainbow Updater on Vimeo. Huge props to Skittles for really going all out on this Facebook concept. There are very few clients who would have heard this idea and not said, “Ah, that’s just too tough to pull off.” It just goes to show that when you’re really […]