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Um… yeah. I’ll take none of each.

And the PR hits just keep on coming…

It’s a shame when your brand is so racist is has to go out of business. I mean, a simple re-naming of Sambo’s could have saved some truly amazing restaurant design. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy these vintage architectural photos of more than 100 different Sambo’s locations make me. I am […]

It’s nice to see some businesses having fun with advertising for St. Patrick’s Day. Take Rickhouse – a bar in downtown San Francisco for example. Funny stuff.

Are online retailers realizing the reverse of what their off-line counterparts did years ago? Namely that one channel is not enough to sell things these days? It sure looks like it with eBay’s announcement that they’ll be debuting a pop up store in New York for the holidays. It makes sense. Brick-and-mortar stores learned a […]

Here’s some really cool technology that will surely be used for advertising purposes in about 3.5 seconds. It’s a digital window display with a 3D animated pooch that, using sensors, can interact with passers-by. Small infrared sensors and cameras allow the virtual pet to follow you around, anticipate your movements and react to your gestures. […]

I’ve always said that puns are lazy copywriting. They’re what you think of in the first ten seconds of concepting and should be discarded shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, way too many make it into advertising. No pun is a good pun. That said, several of these 50 Best Pun Named Stores made me laugh. I’d never […]