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Sure, most (but not all) brands need to change with the times and update their look and feel every once in a while. But why do all the updates have to be so damn generic? Take this Holiday Inn signage for example. The one on the left is your eccentric Aunt Marjorie who always had […]

Selling hope.


People will go to the mall and drop hundreds of dollars on clothes they don’t need, but try and get them to donate to a cause and it can be like pulling teeth. So how do you get people to think about donating in a different way? Well, you re-imagine donating as a product and […]

If this doesn’t bring in the customers, I’ve lost all faith in advertising. Via Burbia.

The front of The Guitar Store when it’s closed. Look closely – the dials even go to 11. (Via¬†Glenn Scott’s Flickr page)