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I’m not going to review the 62 commercials that ran during Sunday’s Super Bowl. You can find plenty of expert dissections of the spots in other corners of the internet. But there was one that I really loved. Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ spot for Chevy Silverado really stood out. It had all the hallmarks of […]

Sorry, but any list of the 100 greatest Super Bowl ads that actually includes the SoBe lizards (#97) and doesn’t have Apple’s 1984 at #1 is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Well art directed. Well copywritten. And a great rallying cry for a city as downtrodden as Detroit. I hope it works. I think this was the only clever ad I saw all night. Never saw the ending coming. And it actually showcased the product.

Using Tibetan oppression to sell your fucking coupons? Are you kidding me? Since when is flinging a baby into a glass window funny? Talking cars are bad enough. But do they have to sexually harass each other?

These haven’t been funny… well… ever. And now they’re just obnoxious. Seriously – these spots are 50% of the reason I moved all my money to Schwab. If there is even a Lifetime Achievement Award for shit commercials, GoDaddy wins hands down. There are no words to explain how bad these were. I’m not even […]

Funny that I was sent the same Doritos Super Bowl spot from two different readers today. One (rightfully) pointed out that it’s a blatant rip off of another spot (see above). And when you watch them side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that’s true. The other reader linked to this article that also (rightfully) rants on how […]

30 seconds. Every act of violence in all the Super Bowl commercials from this year. Lots of head slapping. A ton of punching (mostly thanks to the Volkswagen spot). And a few old people getting blindsided. Enjoy. Or not. Whatever. Via.