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No, I’m not going to do a Best of/Worst of list. But here are a few quick thoughts from tonight’s game. Who the Hell decided to run two spots with pantsless guys back-to-back in one commercial pod (Career Builder and Dockers), Bette White and Tim Tebow’s mom both getting blindsided, and then two spots with midgets […]

Sure, “Cat Herders” was good. And that really old spot with the dude from the Steelers for Coke. But let’s cut to the chase – what we all want to see are the sexiest Super Bowl commercials ever, right? has an awesome list of spots that prove the old adage that sex sells, even […]

I already hate Tim Tebow. Tim, we know you’re a Christian and you love God. We’ve seen a million fluff pieces about how you help your missionary parents shove their religion down other people’s throats. And now you’re going to go on TV during the Super Bowl for a homophobic, extreme right wing group like Focus […]