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Anyone have a guess what the hell this means? I sure don’t. What else would it be powered by? Midgets on giant hamster wheels?

There are times a tag line is not appropriate. This would be one of them. Via.

Writing a great tag line is a dying art. Nowhere is that clearer than in this Forbes’ list of the Best-Loved Tag Lines of All Time. Only three of the Top 25 they list were written in the past 20 years – and I could make a strong case that “Can you hear me now?” […]

This is great. It’s a promo for a CNBC show about this history of Nike in which Dan Wieden explains how the greatest tag line of all time almost didn’t happen. Check it out.

Nokia, you or your agency really couldn’t afford a proofreader? I mean, seriously… The tagline was plastered on tons of things at this trade show for a product that… ah hell, does it really matter? No. What matters is that as a company, if you can’t even get a basic grasp of the English language […]

Oh yes. Yes it is. It’s also on their website. Um… can someone tell them that… naaah. Forget it. Via.