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While it’s not exactly widely known, it’s also no secret that I’ve been writing the Twitter stream for the @pepperspraycop meme. It’s been an awesome exercise in copywriting. I equate it to writing 300 headlines in 3 weeks for the same product. Now that I’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it is to keep a spoof […]

*Time waster alert!* This will sound lame, but I guarantee you you’ll be hooked once you try it. It’s DotWar – a battle game based on your Twitter picture. The game breaks down your picture and another follower’s picture into pixels and assigns those pixels different battle characteristics like Speed, Stamina, Attack and Range. Then […]

Another day, another great use for Twitter. First it was an ad agency creating a way for bakeries to alert customers that the cinnamon rolls are hot out of the oven. Now it’s an entire city using a “Twisitors Center” to help visitors explore Portland, OR. Looking for a good place for breakfast? Just Tweet […]

Two days ago a friend posted on Facebook “If you’re on Twitter let me know. And tell me how to use it.” A few hours later she posted “I’m giving up on it already.” And a while back, a freelance art director I work with said “Why do I care what everyone is doing every […]