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Every year when I write a check for my McSweeney’s subscription, my wife rolls her eyes and says “Why do you waste your money on that stuff?” This is why. I laughed so hard I cried. (And yes, I know this is free. But the paid writing is even better.)

Apparently, all you need is a flow chart to find the right typeface. Who knew? Click here for the large version that you can actually read. (Personally, I never thought there was a reason to use OCR.)

No, not copywriting. Handwriting. And not just any decent handwriting, but a handwriting typeface that actually looks real. Suomi Hand Script by Tomi Haaparanta. You can get it here. One request: If you’re a DM shop, don’t overuse the Hell out of this. I can see it happening already. Via.

With these awesome Helvetica cookie cutters if you don’t like the headline you can just eat it. Via.

Font wrestling.


Anything that combines Lucha Libre and iconic typefaces, I’m down with. In a big way. Via.

Clever and well done. Click here for the large version. Via The Daily What