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This thing is a minute and a half long and I swear somewhere in here is the product and the consumer benefit. I think. I mean, I was watching a billion shots of a guy in a bear suit doing X-games stuff and occasionally holding the product for a second or two, but that’s about […]

So this is a really nicely produced video of what our future could look like. And if it comes true, apparently anyone who can create an infographic will be the most sought after employees on the planet. But I digress. The one problem I have with this video is that it’s created by… wait for […]

Yes, the idea is the most important thing, but you could have the world’s greatest idea and not have budget like this to produce it perfectly. I’m not kidding when I guarantee you that this single event had a production budget larger than all the national commercials I’ve ever done put together. But MAN, was […]

I have to admit, I was thoroughly fooled. I was never a huge Cheech and Chong fan growing up, but I thought to myself – this would actually be pretty funny to go see. And then I got to the end. Good stuff. Via.

Great idea. Great sustainability message. Great art direction. Great stop motion production. Great idea to do it all in one take. Great song choice. And great idea to have Willie Nelson cover the Coldplay song. The amount I like Chipotle as a brand just went up about 1000% after seeing this.

It’s not that Facebook is an unstoppable force – remember, people thought that about MySpace. But does anyone seriously think Unthink is going to do it with such a horrible, horrible video like this? The actress in it is just so… unlikeable. Via.

Amazing is the only word I can think of to describe this. I just never get tired of watching stuff like this.