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And people wonder why Americans are so fat? Check out this vintage ad from the 50s that advertises “2 full glasses in each 12oz. KING-SIZE CAN!” and compare it to Long John Silver’s POS where a “small” is 20oz. and a “large” is 64oz. (Which, in 50’s terms is apparently more than 10 full glasses.) […]

I know you can’t read this ad from the image above, so click here, read it, and hear the truth from a master. As Copyranter says “Young Creatives: put down your f*cking iPhones and learn something.

Work on the BP account? Camel cigarettes? Maybe you were assigned to the gas-guzzling Hummer account? At least you can always say you weren’t as bad as these guys. Holy crap these are shockingly horrible.

Yesterday I posted about vintage movie advertising and how memorable it was. But there’s one thing that beats it for people in my age range – kids’ toy advertising from the 80s. Check out Social Times’ ten 1980’s toy commercials. Proof that sheer frequency wins every time.

These days, when we go to a movie we’re forced to sit through 25 previews of other terrible movies, some lame Coca-Cola trivia games and usually a U.S Army commercial or some talking paper bags from Fandango. The only semi-creative stuff you’ll see are the ads that tell you to turn off your cell phone. […]

About 15 years ago, when I first started making good money in advertising, I began collecting vintage French advertising posters. I started with the Pelican Cigarettes poster above and throughout the years have slowly amassed a couple dozen pieces that range from the quite inexpensive to the crap-that’s-a-lot. But I must say, I love them. […]

These days, most of us recognize tattoos as a full-fledged art movement. The fact that all this beautiful design is on someone’s skin doesn’t really matter. Well, unless that skin is preserved in formaldehyde and was collected from prisoners from a Polish penitentiary and from other dead people. Yikes. If you are so inclined and […]